Data Science Research Scholarships

Funded for 2020

  • JC Gumbart (Physics) & David Sherrill (Chemistry): Force-field Development to Enable Simulations of Xeno-nucleic Acids
  • Xiuwei Zhang (CSE) & Haesun Park (CSE): Development of an Integrative Clustering Method for Single Cells
  • Vince Calhoun (ECE) & Audrey Duarte (Psych): The Chronnectomics of Memory
  • Annalisa Bracco (EAS), Jie He (EAS) & Matt J. Kusner (University College London): Machine-learning Techniques for Cloud Modeling
  • Toyya Pujol-Mitchell (ISYE), Nicoleta Serban (ISyE) & Constantine Dovrolis (CS): Network Weight Prediction Using Node Attributes
  • Xiaofan Liang (City & Reg Planning), Clio Andris (City & Reg Planning) & Diyi Yang (IC): Advancing Metrics for Spatial Social Networks in the Era of Big Data
  • Omar Asensio (Public Policy): Do Micromobility Options Reduce Traffic Congestion? Quasi-experimental Evidence from Uber Movement Data
  • Constantine Dovrolis (CS) & Kelly F. Ethun (Emory/Yerkes): Connections Between Social Behavior and Food Intake in Rhesus Macaques

The Institute for Data Engineering and Science (IDEaS) will support scholarships for the Spring 2020 semester, to support Ph.D. student research in high-impact cross-disciplinary data science related areas. Each scholarship will fund half of a GRA appointment; the student’s faculty advisor (or mentor) is expected to provide the other half. Priority will be given to projects that enable new collaborative research or add a data science dimension to current research. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • New research collaboration (in data engineering or science) between a Ph.D. advisor and another faculty member on which the Ph.D. student will be supported
  • Adding data science component to an ongoing research project that cannot be supported on the project funds
  • Research exploration in a new direction with potential for external funding

The program is not intended as a source for routine research support.

Applications can be submitted by faculty or Ph.D. students, and should clearly describe

  • Research activities proposed
  • Expected outcomes
  • Relevance to the program


  • Applications are due January 3, 2020 
  • Awards will be announced January 10, 2020